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Thai workers won honorable mention in the essay contest and Btklon in Taiwan.

                On August 30, 2552 Mr. Mike York, honorable Fisheries Advisory (Labor Department) office workers at Manila (Part 2), Taipei has to work to win awards in essay contest of strength and Btklon.

                The annual international 2552 (2009 Foreign Workers Poetry and Essay Contest Awarding) organized by the Division of Labor at the Taipei municipal hall ground floor of the Taipei city. The Thai workers to work this interests resulting contest and won admiration of people, including 1 lieutenant said cover together was a reward of 4,000 Taiwan dollars. With shield of Fame announced.  

                 For a prize of foreign workers from Indonesia, runner awards, including Vietnam 5 (number 2 people), Indonesia (the number 2 person) and the Philippines. Honorable mention award is 6, including Indonesia (3 people), Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. At the showing of foreign workers and workers switch with 4 Awards. And read Btklon of winning with. Btklon to work consolation prize of lieutenant said cover together.