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Economic situation

            Taiwan is in capitalism. The government is not helping business trade in much investment. And is likely to help reduce the building. But government support to private business at any time a new government policies, Taiwan has left a large bank and government owned public enterprise sector.

            To private ownership increased during the past 3 years, Taiwan has the rate of economic progress in the 8 percent export industry is the cornerstone of the country. Reduce the role of the agricultural sector was prosperous in the past. The industry requires workers who have converted to using modern machinery and technology instead. Taiwanese investment in countries facing. Asia more. Whether it is China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, especially mainland China. Called from a common trading policy. Taiwanese companies make the investment business operates a number.

            When the economic crisis in Asia during the year 1998-1999, Taiwan harbor not affected much because of strong economic Ata Taiwan. However, global economic trends enable Taiwan to lower bad debt showed. Many banks are in bad condition. The economic slump in the country in 2001 with the number of unemployed people to 4.5 per cent, which is the largest number ever in the era of the oil crisis of 1970.

            Ata on primary industry for the electronic system. Petroleum refinery products, chemicals, textiles. Iron and steel industry. Canned food, cement and machinery.

            Important agricultural products of Taiwan are rice, corn, vegetables, fruit, tea beef meat, pig meat, poultry and seafood products made from Nmwanw.

            Important export products of Taiwan are electrical machinery and equipment. The rest is metal, textiles, plastics and chemicals.

            Partner country exports is important in the United States (23.5 percent), Hong Kong (21.1 percent), Europe.

            (16 percent) among the ASEAN countries (12.2 percent) and Japan (11.2 percent).

            Import is important. Machinery and electronic equipment deserving of approximately 50 percent of partner country imports is important in Japan (27.5 percent), United States (17.9 percent), Europe (13.6 percent) and Korea (6.4 percent).