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Snr. Taipei visit Thai workers have been hit by a car.

                 On May 13, 2551 speech, Mr. Sui Sui race Pat Minister Advisor (Labor Department) office workers at Manila (Part 2) ornament Ms. visited Thai workers to volunteer to work with Reward Wool Industry Taoyuan, Taiwan. The car accident was such a coma. Now in the care of doctors closely. Friends in the events to hear that story on an accident. (May 4, 2551), while Ms. adorned the streets are standing across the middle road forward. Would think that more. Forgot your handset into the shop. Turned out after running back to phone. The catch more car park run by the speed. Cause bone is hit by a car along the side and ribs broken. Have a brain tumor. Initially both sides to show responsibility. The injury to regular care.  

                 Office of Labor has notified relatives of Ms. adorned the note and then after award. Power from the relatives of Ms. decorated to claim negotiations. View past issues and then to other benefits

 Source: Snr. Taipei.