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Snr. Taipei reform because the strength of the Thai protest strike.

                On May 12, 2551 speech, Mr. Sui Sui race pat Minister Advisor (Labor Department) and staff visited the offices of Thai workers Shimizu & Tecco Ju construction of the 120 people waiting Metro San Taipei and help in negotiations with. employers. Because past employers pay wages in the vacation of $ 1,728 per day higher than the legal wage is 1,152 dollars per day to the department’s audit found errors. Wage negotiations and call for extra nights. Allow workers are not satisfied. Cause trouble strikes, stop work.   

                After Labor took office, negotiations and help Thai workers and employers agreed that the next package. pay the amount specified in the law. The wages paid too previously. We favor the Thai workers do not restore the Thai workers like the outcome of negotiations and return to work as usual.

 Source: Snr. Taipei.