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Snr. Taipei organizes excursions for children of Thai workers Outstanding.

              Office of Labor, Taipei with radio station RTI and other relevant private sector. Library project was conducted for child / daughter of Thai workers Outstanding Year 2552 between 12 – 19 October 2552 by the son / daughter the Thai workers. And recruitment of Thai / Taiwan to support this project. Meet the Minister of Labor and senior executives of the Ministry on October 12, 2552 by.  

              On October 14, 2552 Snr. Taipei has a son / daughter of 12 Thai workers who, along with journalists from traveling to visit Thailand salute President CLA (Minister of Council of Labour Affairs) in the morning, which was welcomed and recapitulate. relating to the protection care workers from Thailand is very HE Wang, Ju-Hsuan in the afternoon the same day. Snr. Taipei has led to the Opening Ceremony of road projects at the station with his wife, vice president of RTI, Taiwan. Chairman, President RTI Radio Commission workers. Thai House of Representatives. Director General Office of Trade and the Thai economy. Other honored guests. Many journalists and the work loads. Presented Widitasns recommended Outstanding Thai workers and 12 people sitting and Loy Kratong Festival to symbolize the official opening. When the Thai workers and the son / daughter was found face each other and embrace with plaintive nostalgia and happy. Amid the appreciation and be full of those who attended that everyone has commended the project that made good and creative projects. Want to perform. To continue every year if possible. And offers various news media to launch this project, both television and newspapers.

              In addition, Snr. Taipei has brought youth to the Library are several important places. And share their art and culture to high schools. As well as visiting the workplace, father / mother is working with the number 3, which was very welcome. The coveted souvenirs and food from the banquet, both employers and careers to care workers in Thailand. The Board of Thai youth and the media has returned to Bangkok and then on welfare by 19 October 2552.


Source: Snr. Taipei.