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Snr. Taipei find employers of Tatung.

                On October 21, 2552 Mr. Mike York, honorable Fisheries Advisory (Labor Department) and Mr. A is competing clan who helped promote the employment of the Snr. Taipei, Taiwan Tatung Company is to find an employer located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Thai labor market to expand. 

                Tatung Company operations produce large transformer. Thai workers are currently working on number 29 people and no foreign workers from other nations. Because employers preferred the Thai worker. That is diligent, collaborative working well. Current employer and has expansion capacity. Is intended to increase hiring Thai workers. This visit by employers find workers with the needs of Thai people has approved 74 licenses to import foreign workers from Taiwan and Labor Committee. And will gradually lead to the Thai people follow. The first will have a new number to 10 people before.

                To meet this employer Snr. Taipei to visit the manufacturers and workers find work in Thailand. Which said that satisfaction in work and employers to work with more than 1 times the net income from the remaining charge of approximately. 22000-27000 per month also have visited the various welfare. The company’s employee, such as organizing food and accommodation. Gym room to relax in the knowledge of self care, flu, etc. 2009.


Source: Snr. Taipei.