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Snr. Taipei bind situation, a new flu strains in Taiwan.

                 As the spread of new strains of influenza (strain HD 1 NT 1 or Swine Flu), the contact between people to people. Patients will have symptoms like chills, fever, pneumonia and death by large in Mexico has spread in many cities. And data from the World Health Organization on April 27, 2552 patients with laboratory confirmation results in Mexico, 28 U.S. 40 also found patients infected after returning from California, Canada, in Mexican Spanish. and Scott Islands are.

                 Office workers at Manila (Part 2) Taipei to bind influenza situation in Taiwan as a new species.

                1. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to warn countries Meg left. GO  a red area of a new pandemic flu strain. And announced that the United States and Canada, a yellow area that Taiwan should avoid travel to these countries in the period as others.

               2. Minister of Health announced that Taiwan’s people. They should not be alarmed. Because Taiwan is prepared to deal with the spread of the disease that date (April 29, 2552) have not found patients from a new flu strains in Taiwan.

               3. Taiwan has experienced control the spread of SARS to the world at 6 years. Which then can be experienced in the use of surveillance and disease control. Very well. And will coordinate with the World Health Organization to improve the data situation. of this disease is present. In addition, international airlines and airports have various measures to prevent the spread of disease stringent.  

              4. The hospital in Taiwan, the dollar has prepared for General mask. Tab worn to prevent contact disease. As well as preparation of drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are 700,000 doses (doses) that sufficient to deal with the spread of disease. Preparation and production of vaccines and is expected to be deployed within.

5 – 6 next month. If the hospital or patients with infections must be reported to the Ministry of Health informed immediately.  

               5. Committee of Labor, Taiwan (CLA) is a notification to the Division of Labor circulating around the local islands torch cold. Notification of planned measures, the strains of new influenza surveillance. And also for telephone numbers of office workers who coordinate the Royal Development Projects Board. Exporter municipal workers to work Taiwan. To contact the emergency.  

              6. In the office workers at Manila (Part 2) Taipei has tracked the epidemic situation of new flu strains in the torch for that. Away as closely. During this release. Knowledge about the epidemic situation. Care to protect their workers in Taiwan through the list of Thai language sector. Thai radio station Radio Taiwan International. Broadcast coverage around the island, Taiwan. If the epidemic situation in Taiwan were in the labor force Rg office will support assistance from the Ministry of Labor in the Old Royal Inc. following.

  Source: Snr. Taipei.